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CANÈ S.p.A. has obtained

CE Certificate under the
Medical Devices Regulation
(EU) 2017/745

for 27 ambulatory infusion pumps
and their reservoirs

crono par 4-20 pompe infusionali
crono spid 4-100 pompe infusionali


Infusion pumps: portable microinfusers designed for the subcutaneous infusion of drugs in various pathologies.

infusion pumps


Reservoirs made ideally for use with the different types of Crono pumps.

dedicated syringes


Complete needle/needle-cannula lines dedicated to the subcutaneous infusion of drugs with customisable features for the type of patient and the drug to be infused.



Canè. Infusion pumps


CANÈ SpA aims to protect its name, its history, and its identity.

Offering quality services to customers, representing a valid reference and support for the latter.

Always satisfying your customers through the services, products and prices offered within a context of maximum respect.

The safety and precision standards are very high thanks to the numerous checks carried out on each component and the know-how acquired by the company over time.

White room Canè spa


To carry out its work, CANÈ participates in numerous conferences, in Italy and abroad, taking an interest in new therapies in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, doctors and patients. Canè SpA, in collaboration with numerous pharmaceutical companies, has also been collaborating for some time on international multicentre studies in the search for new therapeutic solutions for various rare diseases. Adapting to the demands of international customers has seen the company achieve a leadership position in its areas of competence.

CANÈ SpA aims to contribute to improving people's quality of life by designing, manufacturing and marketing infusion systems and accessories for the treatment and care of multiple diseases, the enviroment and the health and safety of its employees and collaborators, of its customers, of people who live near the production unit, and in general of all those with whom they maintain professional or other relationships.


The products described in this website are covered by the EU declaration of conformity, so they are intended for the EU market, with the declared intended purpose.
For non-EU markets such as the US, please contact CANÈ S.p.A. to identify the correct product and the corresponding destination of use.

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